Thursday, October 30, 2008

le cirque de haute couture

(circus photograph 1/3) by zara
(circus photograph 2/3) by zara
(circus photograph 3/3) by zara

I remember opening a magazine once and seeing a spread of circus related things. I can't remember what magazine, but ever since then I became obsessed with the colors of the outfits and the extravagant displays of freaks and acrobats. I am scared of clowns, however, but that fear never stops me to keep looking. More high fashion designers should be inspired by the outrageous outfits that these characters wear.


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Gypsytinker said...

Oh Honey, don't be afraid of clowns! My father was a tramp clown and his biggest mission was to make kids laugh, and make sure the ones in our neighborhood whose parents had no money, got free circus tickets!

As a clown's daughter, I can tell you it's a bother and sisterhood of people who would be the first ones to help you get unstuck from a minicooper, or find someone else to stick your gummed shoe to! They're always there in an emergency! :)