Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Centered on the Central Line

Unlike Z I don't normally take pictures of little kids I don't know; especially when their parents/nannies are staring right at me. However, for this little gem I made an exception. Heading home on the central line the seats next to me were taken by this initially restless youngster and his little sister. After being sternly warned to behave by their care taker, both children jumped up on the tube seats, pulled their legs up into pretzels, positioned their hands and let their lids fall into a true meditative stance. While the little girl giggled her way through the ride and ended up concentrating on breaking her brother's centered state, he resisted and maintained his pose throughout the twenty minutes I shared the tube car with them. How remarkable is this? Apparently schools are introducing meditation as a means of channeling hyperactive energy in order to improve the classroom environment... brilliant right? As my fellow commuters all giggled and smiled, their caretaker declared, "I have no idea where this came from, they've never done this before." I hadn't seen anything like this either and decided to break from typical social convention and pulled out my camera. I just couldn't miss snapping a shot of this lovely indication of the next generation.

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