Tuesday, January 6, 2009


photos: Maison Michel website.


Emily Wong said...

I love Irina!
You have an adorable blog, mind if I link you?

Paper Ice Cream said...

go right ahead, I hope you don't mind that I have already linked you.


All the Maison Michel's creations are amazing. It makes me want to wear an hat all the time.

Maria C said...

Wow, great creations!
Irina looks very delicate in these products.

chelsea said...

These are stunning. I can't seem to find his website. Could you pass it along? Thanks!:)

Paper Ice Cream said...

I too couldn't find the website. I found the images on another blog. I did some snooping and it seems that Maison Michel was recently purchased by Chanel along with a number of other companies that had previously been enlisted to create for them.
I have a feeling that their website has been absorbed.

Nil said...

Lovely pics. I love the feeling