Friday, January 23, 2009


The Age of Adolescence (black pants on beach), Joseph Sterling

Black and Red, Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Subway Angel, Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Miss M, Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Alison Jackson is awesome.
This is a copy of the artist statement:

"This work is about simulation. Creating a clone or a copy of the “real” on paper. It is not a fake, it takes the place of the “real” for a moment, whilst looking at the image. The aim is to create likenesses of icons, where in the image, the simulations of icons, threatens the difference between “true” and “false,” between “real” and “imaginary”. The “real” subject becomes not necessary. The photographic image or the icon is more important and more seductive. It doesn’t matter to the viewer if the portrayal is not the “real”—as long as it looks like him or her—it creates a temporary confusion. This is the confusion the work searches to create. We think we are looking at something real, but we’re not. They are false images of look-alikes of the real thing."

Queen on the Loo, Alison Jackson

Marilyns Back, Alison Jackson

Madonna Ironing, Alison Jackson

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M said...

whoa how have I never seen that pic of Madonna ironing being the obsessive fan that I am?! do you know if it's from a magazine shoot or something?
& even Marilyn's back is gorgeous <3