Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are we there yet?

Desperate for sleep and Wednesday to be over... Floating down a lazy river is about all I can handle right now. Could time please stop... just for a bit? I would be eternally grateful.


Vintage and Stardust said...

Oh oh oh! Your blog is wonderful -soo much inspiration and beautiful pictures -love everything about it:)

I just want to print all the pictures and put on my wall:)


Mila said...

Funny, i just read a little book about time. It made me realise time is actually nothing... ;)

Beautiful pictures!


Davorka Pozgan said...

i found your blog through Diane Pernet's blog.I was just about to comment the same photo series as you did with pretty much the same words, heheh..so i clicked on you and found out you have a great taste for photography.
Your blog is really inspiring!
love from slovenia,

deep_in_vogue said...

really beautiful pictures ! hope you can work yourself through "it" quickly :o)

michelle said...

Dude, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Let's pause life and just float down a river until we're ready to go back to reality.