Sunday, December 14, 2008

the final dreggs of procrastination


Cindy Sherman
I must be the most talented procrastinator that has ever lived. I need to start studying...


hrose said...

mmm procrastination is my middle name!
these photos will certainly help next time i have a deadline.. at the moment i'm scott free, thanks to school ending and what not, but come march i think i'm going to do somethign that will really occupy my time like, i don't know... setting up a blog or something..

wait a minute, i've already done that. haha. :D

thanks for the comment! your blog is cool, and this post is just fabulous.

Valentine said...

I share that with you.. and a bunch of other people apparently.. So, how true is that third photo? There's just way to many distractions and I get distracted easily.

Like right now, I should be working. hehe..